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My New Blog - My New Abode!

Thank you very much for checking this out. This blog is, however, no longer where I am in life now. So, if you’re interested, please visit my new abode: This one expands beyond Bangkok, Thailand, in a pursuit of contentment. Hopefully, it will be something everyone can relate to. Thanks a lot! Joe


A Tale of Two Cities

We weren’t so thrilled when first introduced 17 years ago. “Who is this Miss Oh-I’m-So-Superior?” one was witnessed wondering (w/ some eyes rolling). “What did I just see? What snobbery personified!” the other was heard bemoaning (w/ a mouth gaping). Haughtiness & holier-than-thouness aside, one went luckily on to divine to realise to recognise the other being partial, too, to adverbs, proper accents, gingerheads & cute guys who spend but only speak when allowed. One recent dinner in central Bangkok, Niram said “In case you haven’t noticed, we haven’t had a trip together for possibly a century!” That was it! We looked up from our lobsters. We glanced at the city’s skyscrapers. We heard a skytrain snaking on from down below. We searched for a meaning of life in our just-served Cosmo’s. Clear was it as day that up from there was to be our only way. Fast forward to now and here we are and to where we are we say “Konichiwa!” There’s no such thing as objectivity you must confess. Only that Tokyo is the Duality Queen of Asia – a Mecca for every oriental princess. So edgy-and-yet-reserved. So progressive-but-still-nostalgic. So dapper-and-yet-demure. So prideful-and-yet-playful. As if to comply, our day programme stubbornly goes vanilla and all. Resiliently, the appropriate remains the case until the night falls. Sub-cultures, sub-cultures! However, however, shhhhhhhh. Arigatou gozaimasu. N & M Tokyo, Japan Oct. 25-31, 2013


Melrose Place of Bangkok, Officially!

Isn’t life like a sit-com sometimes? You come home from work. You eye a quiet night. You walk into the terrace. No, “strut” is more like it. And, you’re spanked w/ a colossal surprise. Katy & Sibylle fix you free-flowing Cosmopolitan - your enduring drink of choice. Kanchan & Adam show up at your door step for the very first time. Annette later says “You should’ve seen your own face when they turned up.” Niram bakes you a perfect concoction of banana cake w/ coconut frosting from Melbourne topped by figs from Venice . Of course, there are those of whom you’re fond who can’t (possibly) make it. In truth, you’ve specifically instructed Randy not to bother. Turns out he wasn’t listening. So, bear w/ me. There’s no way I can resist posting something this meaningful, is there?


Maya to Become an Angel?

My boyfriend Rahul is royally pissed at me at the moment. Meant to be bound for snowy Kashmir to meet his folks for the very first time, I got cold feet, grabbed my passport and left for a sweltering weekend in the City of Angels instead. To be fair to me, what would you do if vivacious Kate, Bridget, Sibylle, & Katy beckoned? We launched our night at Soul Food on Sukhumvit 55, and later let an impertinent taxi man dock us at WTF on Sukhumvit 51. There was one glitch that went unnoticed thankfully; with an appropriate dose of Cosmopolitan in my system, my heart began to ache almost uncontrollably – yes, snubbing Rahul felt like a fatal blunder. Determined not to disrupt the delectable flow of the night, I managed to pull myself together. We shortly after galloped to The Nest on Sukhumvit 11 for a formidable closure. I’m twirling back to Delhi this evening and I’m fervently pleading with the Lord Shiva that Rahul will forgive me. Thank you, girl friends, for including me in such an Angels’ time. We did assemble one vigorous posse. Until later!

Maya xxx


Blast from Recent Past: Last July

Sadly speaking, Cambodia and Thailand have been engaged in a fight over a temple that neither side ever gets to actually visit and appreciate. The two brotherly Kingdoms should take a leaf out of us 5 individuals. Saturday night, Phnom Penh collided with Bangkok big time. But this time, a big difference is there were no casualties to report. Only hotter-than-hot activities to record! Living and working in Phnom Penh, Niamh (pronounced as “Nieve”), Lauren, & Ella can certainly represent the city. While Katy & Joe are not bad as a voice from Bangkok. Seriously, Hun Sen and the new Thai PM (whoever that will be) should initiate a civilized intercourse over, say, a course of coconut martinis (buy 1 get 1 free!). Really, the way we see it - if fabulous cocktails cannot rescue us human race, nothing else ever will – Thonglor Soi 13 & Silom Soi 2, July 30, 2011.

Meanwhile, Annette and Randy are spending the same weekend in Phnom Penh. For one, it is a trip for fun. For the other, it is because of a visa run and of course of a need for fun!


La Isla Bonita

Never one to appear sentimental. To my “public image,” that could prove to be detrimental. Hence, gonna steer clear of the incidental – Min & Dan, your suggesting Phi Phi Island as our farewell tryst is just stellar. And, the past 2 years has yielded something even more so. But, alas, no party can carry on to no end. I’m plenty excited for you w/ your next phase in life. Like everything under the sun (including the sun itself actually), our friendship will irrevocably be subject to vicissitudes. But we’ll know our way around to safeguard the core elements, won’t we?

Holiday Inn, Phi Phi Island, Feb 2-4, 2012


Last Christmas

We’re in our early 30s! How the hell did we get here? This past year has witnessed Supamas, Korakot, and Kwanruethai wed their long-time beaux. Congrats! Now, we are now betting who will be next. It is a ‘battle” among Rangsima, Pannarai, & Suphatmet. While 3 chicks have just begun their new families and the other 3 should soon follow suit, Kanita has made such a headway in the world of settling down……in the form of Delia Dallois. Oh, c’est une vrai poupee! That said, Warangkana is the champion, about to deliver her second one. And, since 2012 will be a “Year of Dragon”, we wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Nirin produced a son within the next 12 months. But then we also have Warawadee, who’s firmly married but real skeptical about little ones. And, of course our Tritaporn has her own thing.

And what about our flamboyant boys? Theekayu (we put her in this section ‘cause the former one is strictly about husbands and children), well, according to her latest Facebook status, is madly in love with somebody else’s husband. Niram is not so much about achieving a husband at the moment but baking his nights away churning out A-List cakes for the “extraordinaire”. Watit is currently so obsessed with marathon events across South East Asia. Hey, stop pretending it’s all about good health & disciplines. We can see right through your sole agenda!! Then, we have our Kasikorn banker, Bancha. Bancha has vowed to never ever bother with acquiring a husband. Well, well, well, we don’t really know what you’re genuinely up to when nobody’s looking, right?
Anyway, enough about husbands! Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

BangkokSong, December 24, 2011


No. 1, Coming on Top, The Best, The Most Popular - AGAIN

You know what? Never ever bother with polls and surveys. They're a complete waste of time, pure nonsense, and sheer self-indulgence. Unless of course you've landed a spot (and if especially you've snatched the top notch) in the flattering ones!


See Ya in Lima!

Time to say Adios! Our dear amiga Supamas (first girl on your right) is leaving the country in order to serve the country. For 4 years, she will be at the Royal Thai Embassy in Lima, Peru. We’re all so proud of her. She’s pretty. She’s smart. And oh yeah, she’s super fluent in Spanish. Her marido Wanchana, unlike most men we know, will be putting his career on hold big time so the Signora can pursue hers. Her twin Supatmes (third girl on your right) is busily finishing her PhD paper in KL so she can come back to BKK to be close to their parents. The Royal Thai Government has found the young couple a 2-bedroom apartment in downtown Lima. So, we’re officially invited to visit. This standing invitation sure thrills everyone particularly Watit (first boy on your left). Watit has “sailed a thousand ships” but that hasn’t sadly yet included South America. Theerapong (first boy on your right) is also excited because he being him could kill two birds with one stone; he can totally also swing by Buenos Aires and perform just one song so Argentina can once and for all stop crying! But back to the pressing agenda here, Signora. For your dear amigos, would it be possible to repaint the guest bedroom Shocking Pink or Screaming Lavender? Meaning would that undermine your career in any fashion or breach the Thai-Peruvian Treaty in any manner? – Bel Guardo, June 11, 2011

P.S. the dark beer cake our decadent Niram (second boy on your left) had baked for the occasion has totally upstaged each and every of those il ristorante italiano provided!!!!

Dancing Queens

Thailand has her own Queen of Pop. Her name is Christina Aguilar. No, no, not that American blonde. And, she’s not Thai either. Father’s Spanish/Filipino. Mother’s French/Vietnamese. But she was born and raised here. W/ our dance shoes on, we shook booties and belted out sappy tunes so other BITCHES and FLAMERS in the colorful audience would know who’s who and how it’s done. They sure did! – Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, June 5, 2011.

Night Out w/ Viola

Viola is a good friend of mine. She’s absolutely fabulous!! She’s a club expert. Last night was her birthday and we went to someplace near our world-famous weekend market. The venue was packed with blossoming boys in their 20s. Oh Sweet Lord, the smell of sticky rice was almost pungent. Truth be told, they’re not my cup of tea. Babysitting is the last thing on my mind. But there were some really really cute ones last night and all of them were so polite and friendly, making menopausal pensioners like us feel like we belonged. Well, almost! Now, Viola darling, I’m not sure if I said it to you or not. It was a continuous blur and my head was sort of spinning. Those boys really knew what they were doing! Anyway, Happy Birthday Darling! You’re truly inspirational. No shit! – Fake Club, June 4, 2011


What Best Friends Won't Do!

A ginormous surprise that Niram showed up at my party. I know how this one sounds to the outside world. Flabbergasted that your main chum turned up? We’re best friends alright but we didn’t do birthdays. Never. Ever. Strictly one of our thingies! W/ just one phone call though, Randy’s defaced our sacred tradition forever. Very naughty of Randy! And, Anthony! How on earth did you figure out that a good cosmopolitan is my religious drink of choice? Thanks an awful lot!


Material Me

I may be a material boy who vogues and eats attention for meals! But believe it or not. I did set my birthday as a secret (yeah, your baby's got a secret) so it wouldn’t show on anyone’s wall. My twin Nina (who’s that girl?) started the whole thing, causing a commotion that followed. To all of you who have called, sms-ed, and written on my wall, I take a bow. Your wishes touched me like a prayer. You make me feel like one lucky star, like a virgin. And, you did get me burning up and into the groove. So, let me just express myself that I’m crazy for you and hung up on you, my friends – my beautiful ex strangers. My appreciation for you just gets deeper and deeper. Let’s keep it together! I know I'll stay true blue :) – Wine Pub, Pullman Hotel, Soi Rangnam, and then Pandanus Bar, Sathorn Soi 1 – April 23, 2011.


Pro-Social Lunch

No, no, this wasn’t an Anti-Songkran lunch! This year’s rude awakening is that we’re simply too old to be part of the water fight. So, we left the splashing tumult to the emerging generation. So gone are the days when someone like Joe would show up on Kaosarn and/or Silom Road in his torso-hugging tank top. No more occasions for him to feign nonchalance when good-looking boys pointed their guns and shot their water at him. Sadly speaking! Another glaring truth is that once you’ve reached a certain age, it’s no longer so terrible to admit that you’d rather sit, eat and invariably end up debating how to make perfect desserts for your husband…….or your imaginary boyfriend. So, there we were! At Samsen sub-district - the ultimate neighborhood for old-school, high-street Thai food, if you will. And the food this place proffers is nothing short of top-notch. Yes, you can totally take our word for it! Now, with our satiated stomach, full-on sense of connectedness, unabashed exuberance, positive energy, and bloody Thai smiles, we’d like to say in unison “Happy Thai New Year, Dear Friends!” – April 14, 2011.


French Charm

Friday night glided by with us appreciating a great deal a great great French mime “Imagine-Toi”. Besides, I was touched on a grand scale. My good friend Chalanthorn had couriered me a free tix even though I had nothing to do with the French Association of Bangkok. And despite the fact that my French is atrociously basic! Manee and Joanna were there as well. So, four old (yes, old!) friends got to hang out and had a capital time inside out.

But, back to my damned French. While I’m pleased and proud of a slew of Thai friends who speak the language flawlessly, sometimes I can’t help being jealous and left behind. What have I done to let this become a bitter reality? What have I NOT done in my vibrant & energetic youth? The level of my French remains an utter humiliation in spite of an alarming number of French men I have “encountered”.

The next times I get to mingle with those monsieurs I will be sure to do other things as well. Well, you know, on top of “that”.


High-School Friend's Wedding

Went to a friend’s wedding up in a mountain 2 hrs from Bangkok. Met almost everybody from high school. Such a much-needed break from soul-corrupting whirlwinds available everywhere in the city. The long & the short of it is it is incredibly rejuvenating to touch base with where you’re from. Had a blast revisiting teenage delirium, dance moves, vernacular and whatnot. And my poor little heart skipped 10 beats or so when I laid my eyes on my old crush. Man, after all these grueling years, the golden boy’s still got it. Thank you, Babe. You did whisk me right back to 1994-1996! – Pakchong, last weekend of Feb 2011.


Fave Foto from Anti-Valentine Anecdote

You know what? There's absolutely nothing candid about this photo. Yes, Folks, we'd do anything for Facebook.


Anti-Valentine Party

Joe’d been crazy-busy this past week putting together an “Anti-Valentine Party”. Saturday evening, good friends from college turned up and occupied his favorite coffee house in all of Bangkok, “Re Café Langsuan”. Anti-Valentine? Well, another frigging Valentine’s Day was/is encroaching and Joe felt compelled to somehow defy its tedious, tacky, and tasteless gravity. He’s just sick and tired of pop culture worldwide glorifying romance just for the hell of it and, in the process, making (weak) individuals without one feel “the lack”. Sure, definitely, of course, if you have a thriving romantic relationship, good for ya. And, if you have a topsy-turvy one, don’t let it tumble. But if you don’t have any, BIG DEAL! There are so many other joys in this jovial, jaunty world for just about every Joe. And this gregarious Joe and gang (many of who are in a meaningful relationship themselves) have definitely found, and so treasure simple joy of friendship. Speaking of which, hey, here are sorts of friendship that they like. They like their friendship to be fair. They DONT like it to be frozen, frosty, frumpy, frugal, fading, fleeting or flopping. They like it unfake. They like it flaky. They like it frilly. They like it fluffy. They like it feisty. They like it funky. They like it foamy. They like it frothy. They like it fistful & fruitful. They like it fun-filled. They like it feud-free. They like it free-flowing. They like it fulfilling. They like it flawed and fierce. They like it filmed and framed. They like it FAB and FLYING. And, it is not a federal offence, they have found, if certain friendship happens to be just perfect for Facebook – Feb 12, 2011


Look at the photo, Folks. The building compound that looks like a temple is the school I went to for a bachelor's degree for 4 years, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. The concrete jungle behind it is what we call Ratchadamri area. I've been working there for most of my adult life (so far). This shot pretty much sums up my life. So, there :) (Courtesy of pktown, a member on Skyscrapercity Forum)


Joe was knocked off the floor last November, on the Loy Kratong Night to be precise, to learn that he actually had a TWIN. What has also really sweetened the deal is his “long-lost, separated-at-birth duplicate” is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed tigress from Norway. Who lives in Berlin. Nina and Joe have so much in common. Taurus, failed writers, can’t/won’t cook, eating same food over and over again, don’t/won’t read newspaper etc. Friday night, the gang had a farewell dinner for Nina and her man, Mike. They had meant to stay for just one month when arriving. But, just as they kept exploring, they found themselves having a fierce time Bangkoking. We will miss them both after tomorrow. But they will be back for sure. Even once toying with an idea of renting an apartment here and having Randy manage it!! On a side note, if everything goes as planned, by the end of this year, Joe will definitely find himself having a ferocious time Berlinning – Secret Garden & Amontre, Sathorn Rd, Feb 4, 2011.